MControl v1.1b

Updated February 26th, 2000

A tool for VCR-style control of live MBone sessions or pre-recorded rtpdump files. MControl can play back existing files either locally only or as a server.

Written by David Makofske ( and Kevin Almeroth (

MControl screenshot

Another screenshot with vic and vat

New in version 1.1a: MControl now allows you to control the address/port/ttl of the playback of rtpdump files, allowing it to be used as a gui server for file playback. (See instructions in the download help file).

New in version 1.1: MControl now allows you random access to pre-recorded rtpdump files. Rtpdump files specified via a command line option can now use MControl's VCR-style functions for playback (See instructions in the download help file).

MControl allows VCR-style functionality for an MBone program broadcast. It is a tool that buffers an incoming live video and/or audio MBone session. Using the MBone vic and vat (or rat) tools, it allows you to pause, rewind, and fast forward the stream within that buffer.

MControl requires the binaries for the Java virtual machine v1.1 (1.1.6 or higher) or v1.2, vic, vat (or rat), rtpdump, and rtpplay. All are freely available (see the Installation Instructions below for more details).

This version of MControl has been tested on Sun Solaris only, but it should run on most Unix platforms.

Download MControl

Download MControl v1.1b (gzipped tar file - 47K) - Updated July 8th, 1999.

Mcontrol Installation Instructions: Short Version or Detailed Version.

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Download the source code

The source code for MControl is now available. The authors encourage others to enhance and expand MControl and release those enhancements to the public domain. Click here for license and warranty info.

Download MControl source code (gzipped tar file - 36K) - Updated February 26th, 2000.